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June 30, 2005

Answer will be dropping 7 new designs shortly, so they might be selling off some old ones to make room for the new ones! MOre details to follow.


Treva Whateva

June 29, 2005

Oh my goodness ghracious me! Have you heard the new Treva Whateva 12″? It’s off the hook goodness. HELLA DOPE! Limited to 400 pieces worldwide and with a wicked little KPM inspired sleeve. Wicked! The best track in my opinion (though i don’t even have this record yet) is the bass heavy “We Have The Technology”(it’s similar to Danny Breaks’ Jellyfish song). Yes you do Mr Whateva! Awesome stuff. His album is out soon as well. Stockport in the house!

DVDISCOTEQUE Exactshit Free party!

June 29, 2005

Hexstatic will be playing lots of 70’s and 80’s videos aswell as a load of exactshit video mashups. come along its FREE!!!

Sunday 10th July
9pm till midnight

The Karamel Club
Chocolate factory 2
Coburg Rd N22
wood green tube(piccadilly line)

White Light Circus

June 29, 2005

Just out this week is another stonking 12″ from DC Recordings. They really are on the ball at the moment. This is mad robot electro disco music from Chicken Lipper Dean Meredith. If you like the Emperor Machine and the Chicken Lips, then give this one a whirl. It’s going cheap at only £4.49 in Piccadilly Records at the moment, or you might be able to get it in your local record emporium. Seek this one out.

Design comes courtesy of Scott from La Boca again. Top stuff!

One Rotted Note

June 15, 2005

This is the only podcast that I am checking at the moment. It’s by a guy called Sumoboy from down South in England somewhere. Anyway, his show is pretty good. Especially the one where he has the cold. He plays a good selection of music and ocassionally tells some funny stories, if I remember correctly. I can’t remember where I saved all my files on my hard drive! Anyway, check it out. It is awesome. I am not just bigging this up cos I got a mention one week, I am bigging this up because it is wicked.

Check here and follow the instructions.

Get Rich Or Die Trying.

June 15, 2005

There is an interview with Rich File from UNKLE in this month’s Lodown magazine. He says that they are working on the new UNKLE album at the moment and that it should be out at the end of the year. He is also working on a solo album under the name Rich which should also be out at the end of the year. I think his Rich project is more about songs than tracks. Expect a Forme album next year, and for your listening pleasure you can check out a remix he has done for a band called The Slides here.


June 13, 2005

DC Recordings flyer

The Psychonauts

June 13, 2005

Thought I would do a quick update on the Psychonauts while I am here. I don’t think they are working together any more, but Paul Mogg is involved with a little electronic pop trio known as Italian X-Rays. They are on the Fine Records label and they put out a little 12″ a while ago. It’s stonking bit of electro pop. The two tracks on thet 12″ are She’s Contracting and Strip Down. They are a bit Depeche Mode like, I totally had it who they were like, but I can’t remember. Nice electronics going on with some guitar and vocals. Awesome stuff. Worth checking out if you like electro pop. An album is due out some time.

Dunno what Psycho Pab is upto. Last thing I heard was his remix of REIGN by UNKLE ft. Ian Brown. He is recording under the name of Anagram these days. His remix was on one of the remix 12″s that Global Underground put out last year. Worth picking up, though I haven’t bought it yet. There were rumours of another mix cd and he might be making an appearance on Beats In Space at some point this year, though I am not 100% certain.

Tim Sweeney

June 13, 2005

Now, I remember Beats In Space from way back in the day when Tim would post up his tracklistings from the show and they were always interesting and varied. I have always enjoyed checking out his shows, and maybe you should as well, especially if you are into any sort of music! Tim plays it all. I think his show is on on a Wednesday or Thursday night in NYC, but as I live in the UK, I usually download them from the website. He has had loads of guests on the show, such as Optimo, Paul Mogg of the Psychonauts, Trevor Jackson, Forces Of Nature, Buddy Peace, et cetera. The list goes on and on.

Enough about the show, you should all check out his wicked mix cd that he did a while ago for RVNG. You can buy it here. It’s only $3 + $2 for p&p. If you are in the UK, I believe Rough Trade are selling copies and I know that Piccadilly Records had some in for sale as well. Check it out.

Tim has also been contributing tracks to the excellent Bumrocks website. Bumrocks host a track each day of the working week and I have been downloading them for the last couple of months. There have been some totally mindblowing tracks for download and i know that I have been looking out the original wax for some of the tracks that have been on the site.


June 8, 2005

Toppest 5

01 Three 6 Mafia – Gotta Stay Fly (Sony)
02 NIN – Beside You in Time (Interscope Recordings)
03 Kano – Reload it (679 Recordings)
04 Jonathan Richman – Monologue about Bermuda (Rounder/Pgd)
05 Amazombies – Thumb War (Go Kart)