The Psychonauts

Thought I would do a quick update on the Psychonauts while I am here. I don’t think they are working together any more, but Paul Mogg is involved with a little electronic pop trio known as Italian X-Rays. They are on the Fine Records label and they put out a little 12″ a while ago. It’s stonking bit of electro pop. The two tracks on thet 12″ are She’s Contracting and Strip Down. They are a bit Depeche Mode like, I totally had it who they were like, but I can’t remember. Nice electronics going on with some guitar and vocals. Awesome stuff. Worth checking out if you like electro pop. An album is due out some time.

Dunno what Psycho Pab is upto. Last thing I heard was his remix of REIGN by UNKLE ft. Ian Brown. He is recording under the name of Anagram these days. His remix was on one of the remix 12″s that Global Underground put out last year. Worth picking up, though I haven’t bought it yet. There were rumours of another mix cd and he might be making an appearance on Beats In Space at some point this year, though I am not 100% certain.


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