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Silas and Maria

August 30, 2005

Just been checking out Rift Trooper‘s site and he mentioned that the Silas and Maria website had been updated. It’s well worth a look.



August 30, 2005

It’s always good to get in touch with some old friends and for them to tell you what they are upto now. So check out Supa 7. Some nice t-shirts and a nice little attitude to doing something a slightly different way.

Kanye West

August 29, 2005

Late Registration
There are some horribly obvious samples on this album but they are used so effectively it doesn’t even matter. I was never too impressed with College Dropout but there is no denying his flow. Some good guests this time too (but, Brandy??? Who knew she was still alive? Guess those Moesha royalties are drying up…). Pick it up tomorrow.

Stand out tracks:
Touch the Sky feat Lupe Fiasco
Drive Slow feat Paul Wall
Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix) feat Jay Z


August 27, 2005

Wow! I found a nice little mix by Paul Mogg from the Psychonauts over at the nutricious site! Check out the radio section, they have loads of mixes available.

Surrender @ Hanon Shop

August 26, 2005

Seems like Hanon Shop will be getting some of the new Surrender clothes in soon. Check out the rainbow Pointman t-shirt and the UNKLE films Jacket. I am sure they will get other items in as well.

That Cut Chemist remix of Edan

August 25, 2005

You can download it on the spine magazine website.

Cut Chemist remixes Edan

August 25, 2005

It appears that Cut Chemist has remixed the Edan track featuring Percee P from Beauty and the Beat. No idea when this is out. Just read about it today.

On a sidenote, when is the Cut Chemist album coming out?

David Axelrod – The Edge

August 25, 2005

It seems as if Egon from Stones Throw has been working on a new David Axelrod compilation for Capitol/Blue Note. It’s out soon and there is going to be a 12″ with some instrumentals on it as well.

1. David McCallum – House of Mirrors
2. David McCallum – The Edge
3. Letta Mbulu – Pula Yetla
4. Lou Rawls – Lifetime Monolouge
5. Lou Rawls – You’ve Made Me So Very Happy
6. David Axelrod – The Smile
7. David Axelrod – Song of Innocence
8. David Axelrod – The Mental Traveler
9. David Axelrod – A Divine Image
10. David Axelrod – London
11. David Axelrod – The Fly
12. David Axelrod – Human Abstract
13. David Axelrod – Warning Talk Part One
14. David Axelrod – Warning Talk Part Three
15. David Axelrod – The Signs Part One
16. Don Randi – Theme From The Fox
17. Cannonball Adderley – Tensity

Check out the Stones Throw site for more details.

Dr Robert Moog RIP.

August 22, 2005

Today is a sad day for the electronic music world. Dr Robert Moog has died.

Keep In Time gigs this week……..

August 22, 2005

But that’s just the beginning, this week we have 5 more around Europe
Thurs: Dublin
Fri: London
Sat: Paris
Sun: Brighton

On Friday we have J Rocc coming over and Charlie Dark joining the regular line up of Daedelus, B+ and Eric Coleman along with DK and myself doing a 4 deck thing. Also we’ll have freebies at the Cargo gig, a BBQ outside early on and Kid Acne is coming down this week to do us a nice painting specially for the event.

Check out the Solid Steel website for more info.