Your Girl Got Dicked By Ricky Powell

My friend Martin is on the ball at the moment with the minty fresh HOT news. I am assuming he just forwarded me the Colette news letter thing.

Ricky Powell from August 29 to October 1st

Ricky Powell aka living legend of the New York underground scene presents his latest book “Public Access: Photographs 1985-2005” (edited by Sara Rosen / PowerHouse Books) and unveils a selection of his work spanning twenty years of his career in the colette first-floor gallery. From RUN DMC to Public Enemy, his photographs capture fleeting moments and often spotlight everyday faces found on the streets of NYC.

Discover his images adorned with work by assorted artists including Dalek, DAZE, SEEN, KAWS, JEST, etc. Book signed and available on our eshop.

Big thanks to Upper Playground for the last stock of “Oh Snap!” (30 euros), and for the cult-ish DVD “Rappin’ with The Rickster” (25 euros).
This exhibition has been made possible thanks to Adidas. T-shirt editions and tracksuit tops for guys and girls in (seriously) limited-edition quantity, also available on the colette eshop.

It’s only 39 euros!


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