I Like It

It seems as if Compost are going to release another I Like It compilation.

Here is the tracklisting for it:

Trevor Jackson (Output):
1. Colourbox “Baby I Love You So” 6:41
2. Julian Jonah “Jealousy And Lies” 6:10
3. Propaganda “Echo Of The Frozen Faces” 10:20

Pole (~Scape):
4. David Thomas “Monster Magee, King Of The Seas” 2:14
5. The Goats “Do The Digs Dug” 4:31
6. Headset “Crasping Claw” 4:07

Richard Dorfmeister (G-Stone):
7. Friedrich Gulda “The Air From Other Planets” 5:12
8. Allez Allez “African Queen” 7:16
9. Can “Shikako Maru Ten” 2:08

Trickski (Compost):
10. Walt J / Dave Peoples “Starting Over” 4:40
11. Elbee Bad “Just Don’t Stop The Dance” 3:56
12. P-Funk All Stars “Hydraulic Pump” 6:40

CD Bonus Track:
13. Trickski “Hormony” 7:25

Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track:
Teknotika “Take Me” (Organic Ghetto Mix) 4:16


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