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November 30, 2005

They have just signed to Warp, but I caught them supporting Four Tet earlier this year and was impressed with them. They are amazing and create such a noise. Brilliant stuff.


New Prefuse73 tracklisting

November 30, 2005

01 The Letter: “P”
02 With Dirt and Two Texts– Afternoon Version
03 Illiterate Interlude
04 Keeping Up With Your Quota
05 No Special Bed
06 Weight Watching
07 When the Grip Lets You Go
08 Always It’s Gonna Be Like That
09 Creating Cyclical Headaches [ft. Four Tet]
10 Awakening to a…
11 With Dirt and Two Texts– Later Version With Love
12 No Origin
13 One Star and Three Stripes
14 Mud in Your Breath
15 Breathe
16 Matrimonioids… (for: Elivin + Susana Estela)
17 We Leave You in a Cloud of Thick Smoke and Sleep Outro [ft. Babatunde Adebimpe]

Quite blatantly stolen from Pitchfork.

Greg Wilson

November 28, 2005

Nice little mix by Greg Wilson mix on this blogspot by Colin Nagy.


November 28, 2005

According to the Tirk records website, Psychopab has a mix cd coming out in early 2006.


November 28, 2005

My friend Herbcrawl has a nice little mix to download on his site.


November 20, 2005

Teriyaki Boyz/Beef or Chicken
1 Eat Intro Produced by ADROCK
2 The Takeover Produced by MARK RONSON
3 Heartbreaker Produced by DAFT PUNK
4 Celebrity Death Match Produced by DAN THE AUTOMATOR
5 School Of Rock Produced by CUT CHEMIST
6 Chou L A R G E Featuring Pharrell Produced by THE NEPTUNES
7 Shout Out For Delivery Produced by ADROCK
8 Moon The World Produced by CORNELIUS
9 Konyawa Baggy Pants Produced by JUST BLAZE
10 Beef Or Chicken Produced by ADROCK
11 You Know What Time Is It!? Produced by DJ PREMIER
12 Kamikaze 108 (Toridoshi Mix) Produced by DJ SHADOW
13 Take Outro Produced by ADROCK
14 Kamikaze 108 (Swisha House Remix)
Screwed & chopped by DJ MICHAEL 5000 WATTS

Teriyaki Boyz/Heartbreaker (26/11)


Heartbreaker (Instrumental)
Konyawa Baggy Pants
Chou Large
Chou Large (Instrumental)

Delia Gonzalez interview.

November 16, 2005

Just found a nice little interview of Delia Gonzalez from Delia and Gavin.


November 16, 2005

Glasgow band SHITDISCO will be releasing their first single this coming Monday. It’s called I Know Kung Fu and it is out on Fierce Panda Records. The tracklisting looks as like this:

I Know Kung Fu
Disco Blood
Disco Blood (Clor remix)
I Know Kung Fu (Konx Om Pax remix)

Check it out if you can. I believe it is out on 12″ and CD Single.

Urban Wallpaper

November 16, 2005

Big up HongKongSandy for the use of his photos, I am assuming it is ok. But anyway, here is some urban wallpaper as designed by 3D, Banksy and some other people.


November 13, 2005

I have a stupid obsession with the film Wildstyle, seriously, I do. I just can’t watch it enough. i must know it inside out. It is pretty ropey, but at the same time it is dead exciting. It truly documented the hip hop scene of NYC in the early 80s. I love the soundtrack as well.