Teriyaki Boyz/Beef or Chicken
1 Eat Intro Produced by ADROCK
2 The Takeover Produced by MARK RONSON
3 Heartbreaker Produced by DAFT PUNK
4 Celebrity Death Match Produced by DAN THE AUTOMATOR
5 School Of Rock Produced by CUT CHEMIST
6 Chou L A R G E Featuring Pharrell Produced by THE NEPTUNES
7 Shout Out For Delivery Produced by ADROCK
8 Moon The World Produced by CORNELIUS
9 Konyawa Baggy Pants Produced by JUST BLAZE
10 Beef Or Chicken Produced by ADROCK
11 You Know What Time Is It!? Produced by DJ PREMIER
12 Kamikaze 108 (Toridoshi Mix) Produced by DJ SHADOW
13 Take Outro Produced by ADROCK
14 Kamikaze 108 (Swisha House Remix)
Screwed & chopped by DJ MICHAEL 5000 WATTS

Teriyaki Boyz/Heartbreaker (26/11)


Heartbreaker (Instrumental)
Konyawa Baggy Pants
Chou Large
Chou Large (Instrumental)


2 Responses to “BAPE SOUNDS”

  1. Kiks Says:

    It’s funny how the TERIYAKI’s put al the hot tracks on the single vinyl, haha…

    chou LARGE, that baggypants feature really about the hottest beats on the album.

    Got the whole BAPE shit though, haha.

  2. M-Roca Says:

    Can someone hook me up the the instrumentals for the album?

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