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February 28, 2006

Now, when I was young an arcade was a place that was full of arcade machines. I am talking about such quality games as Star Wars, Aliens, Space Harrier, NBA Jam! I used to go to this one up north in Scotland and also one closer to where I used to stay. Ah man, those were good days. Anyway, Rift-Trooper has written an excellent article about them, which you can read at his site.


Ruben Fleischer

February 28, 2006

He has directed videos for Dizzee Rascal, MIA and DJ Format amongst others. There is a cool Levi’s advert featuring Hiroshi Fukiwara. Check it out.

Go and check out his site.

Big Apple Rappin’

February 25, 2006

The latest Soul Jazz compilaiton is all aboitu the early days of disco hip hop! The tracklisting is as follows:

Disc: 1
1. Spoonin’ Rap – Spoonie Gee
2. Sure Shot – Xanadu
3. How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise – Brother D
4. Rapping Dub Style – General Echo
5. Catch The Beat – T Ski Valley
6. Dancing Heart – Universal 2
7. Funkbox Party – Masterdon Committee
8. Weekend – Cold Crush Brothers

Disc: 2
1. Big Apple Rappin’ – Spyder D
2. DJ Style – Mr Q
3. Fly Guys Rap – The Fly Guys
4. Get The Party Jumping – Solo Sound
5. Rock The Beat – The Jamaica Girls
6. Standing On The Top – Super 3
7. Are You Ready – TJ Swann, Peewee Mel & Barry B
8. Ultimate Rap – Nice & Nasty 3

Camouflage fans

February 23, 2006

Fans of camouflage should check out Diesel’s website. Seems like they are doing a camouflage spring/summer range this year.

Ben Drury Nike Air Max 1s

February 22, 2006

Fresh! Check out Channel 7 on for more info about the project and also a peek at the t-shirt and jacket to go with the trainers.

Errors – How Clean Is Your Acid House?

February 20, 2006

Glasgow Band Errors release their new EP, How Clean Is Your Acid House? today. Go out and buy it. It’s on Rock Action Records, if that helps? It’s bleeps and blops and guitar action. Top stuff.

The Celluloid Years

February 20, 2006

If you like your old school hip hop and electro then there is a nice little 2cd set out today about Celluloid records. It’s got the Futura 2000 track on it, a track by Fab 5 Freddy and loads of other stuff. Check out the tracklisting below.

Disc: 1
1. Escapades Of Futura 2000 – Futura 2000 & The Clash
2. Wild Style – Time Zone
3. Cuts It Up – Grandmixer DST
4. Get Movin’ – Last Poets (1)
5. Why Is It Fresh – DST
6. Wild Style – Time Zone
7. Doriella Du Fontaine – Lightning Rod & Jimi Hendrix
8. Zulu Groove – Shango

Disc: 2
1. Change The Beat – Fab Five Freddy
2. Change The Beat – Fab Five Freddy
3. What I Like – Tribe 2
4. Shango Message – Shango
5. Pata Piya – Dibango, Manu
6. Mean Machine – Grandmixer DST & Jalal
7. Home Of Hip Hop – DST
8. Home Of Hip Hop – DST
9. World Destruction – Time Zone & Afrika Bambaataa/John Lydon
10. Abele Dance – Dibango, Manu
11. Crazy Cuts – DST
12. Crazy Cuts – DST

Pharell Makes A Beat

February 15, 2006

Does what it says really.

Forthcoming DC Recordings releases

February 13, 2006

The Orichalc Phase ‘Respond In Silence’ 12″ (dcr65)
Vincent Markowski ‘Madness Of Moths’ 12″ (dcr66)
Padded Cell ‘Are You Anywhere?’ 12″ (dcr67)
The Emperor Machine ‘Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise Pt 3’ 12″ (dcr68)
The Emperor Machine ‘Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise Pt 4’ 12″ (dcr69)

YES! New Emperor Machine material.

DC Recordings.

Adidas – Colour Series

February 13, 2006

Thanks to Hong Kong Sandy for pointing this out to me.

Adidas are doing a very special series of trainers in collaboration with loads of people. Check out the camouflage superstars, or the tron shoes. So many good shoes! Not all of them are nice looking though. You have been warned.

Check them out for yourself