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Magic Daddy and The Truffle Club

March 31, 2006

Can’t remember which one helped Twitch from Optimo remix Sons and Daughters on the recent remix 12″ that Domino put out, but these guys are good. It’s all glitchy weird electro stuff. I’m quite enjoying Shrig by the Truffle Club. Anyway, this 12″ is out on Monday i think? You can buy it from Boomkat if you want? Check out the snippets over at the North South Divide website. Oh, this is out on Stuff Records.


Polish Film Posters

March 28, 2006

Apparently they used to have to make their own posters for famous films because of government restrictions in Poland. There was some great surreal artwork. Which you can check out at this website. Thanks to Momatt for pointing this out to me.

BBC Hip Hop Documentary from 1984

March 27, 2006

You Tube certainly is a fountain of knowledge. I recently discovered this old documentary from 1984 about hip hop. Not watched it all yet, but so far Afrika Bambataa and Malcolm McLaren have been on it.

Massive Attack – Video Blogs

March 26, 2006

You can download an interesting interview with 3D and Daddy G of Massive Attack over at their website. These are to do with the compilation Collected, which is out on Monday. They are quite interesting and open up a bit of insight into the band and it’s direction.

Computer Game Music

March 26, 2006

I love computer game music, and I have recently discovered a website that has hundreds of mp3s of all your favourite computer games! Check it out.

Beastie Boys and Run DMC Interview from the 80s

March 24, 2006

Youtube has some interesting stuff on it. I found this Beastie Boys and Run DMC interview after some violence had occurred at a show in LA in the 80s. It’s pretty funny. It starts off all serious and they make their points well and then it just ends up a funny little interview.

Cut Chemist

March 22, 2006

Well, it seems as if the Cut Chemist album will finally see the light of day in June this year! I can’t wait. Edan is on one of the tracks along with Mr Lif. You can listen to some clips online, but I want it on wax.

The Future Is Unwritten

March 22, 2006

According to UNKLE.

Four Tet live in Melbourne

March 22, 2006

If you check out the Four Tet website, you can download a gig from Melbourne in Australia. Act fast, it won’t be up for long.

Simon Peg on Hot Fuzz

March 21, 2006

Here is a wee video blog by Simon Pegg about Hot Fuzz.