The Tomorrow People

Trunk records certainly rerelease some of the most interesting music! Out today is their latest release and it is the soundtrack to The Tomorrow People. The music was composed by the people from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and as you would expect, the sounds are truly out of this world. I believe this record is available in most places. I saw it for the bargain price of £6.99!


3 Responses to “The Tomorrow People”

  1. Funkjazztical Says:

    Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records is DJ’ing at Andy Votels ‘Electric Mud’ night in Manchester on the 28th of April along with Jerry Dammers (ex Specials). My favourite record on the Trunk website would have to be Flexi-Sex. Uber dirty!

  2. manchester-massage Says:

    Great! More info here –

  3. dusted Says:


    unfortunately i am away to see Biz Markie in Glasgow that weekend.

    Catching Edan on the sunday though. Supporting Belle and Sebastien. Weird. B-Music djs will be there as well.

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