Massonix – Subtracks

I bought Massonix – Subtracks from the other day. Its all a bit wonky techno. Basically it is Graham Massey from 808 State using lots of old analogue synths. It has an aquatic feel to it, check out the tracklisting below. It’s available from Skam records. Check it out, some of the tracks are a bit weird and just sound like someone messing about, but some of them are amazing. I really like Rey de Ray (Warm Gulf Water Rising).

1. Port Silat (Off Port Silat)
2. Sargasso (Horse Latitudes, Giant Kelp)
3. Debussa (Undersea Danube)
4. Despina Farfisa (Continental Ridge)
5. Gold Coast (Pro Bumba Colony, Sea Caves)
6. Deep Saline Green (Light Conductor 45 Fathoms)
7. March of the Triton Titans (Rubber, Canvas and Lead)
8. Forests of Crespo (Kelp Forest Range)
9. Boonadawn (The Mackerel, the Sampan and the Marlin)
10. Diamond Dance (4ths, Heavy Water)
11. Subatlatian (Black Smokers)
12. Rey de Ray (Warm Gulf Water Rising)
13. Pulsars (Deep Ocean Basin to Jodrell Bank)


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