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Some great podcasts

February 28, 2007

Podcasts are awesome. I listen to loads when I am at work. i will try and list a few that I think are worth subscribing to. Here goes:

Russel Brand on BBC Radio 2. This is pretty funny and has my workmates looking at me on a regular basis as I sit and laugh alot. The Help feature is brilliant. I am not the biggest Russell Brand fan, but this is certainly entertaining. Thanks to my friend Gary for pointing this one out.

Ed Banger Records. This is a great and varied podcast. Sometimes you get videos, sometimes you get snippets of tracks and sometimes you get dj mixes! Super Hype label of the moment.


A wise man once said

February 28, 2007

Skateboarding, every winter i lose my pop. Well, mainly because I stop skating for a while. Anyway, I was having a conversation with a friend about it today and here is his adivce. Unedited.

“bend down as far as you can and go fast and there shall be no worries said the skate doctor….what tends to happen is you come out after not having skated and you feel ropey or spindly…you dont know if you can still do it stop..start again…meditate for about 10 minutes before you leave the house (honestly)..visualise every reason you love skateboarding(this eliminates any feeling of moodiness or anxieties you may have hungover from the previous day which can be destructive to a good days skating if theyre allowed to play their part)…stretch your body for at least five minutes..get outside….walk for the first 5 minutes dont skate…step on the board…take a small push….then a couple more and first thing to do is slalom and turn gracefully and slowly for the first say five minutes ( especially better if you have a street with chewing gum and stuff on the ground which you have in abundance) get to a smoothish larger area as soon as poss. push a bit bigger and do couple big carves..try crouching especially as this enables the masterful feeling on yer board…become the amazing learned skateboarder you always have been and you know it.. then push fast with large pushes as far as you can stretch…no small pushes….then crouch right down and snap that stick up and itll come up like ron jeremy in every scene hes ever done….always remember to end any skate with some more slaloming…its like putting the grace to bed..this is my tecnique and ive used it since forevern and it never fails..pass it on..its the word of a master said the bigheaded at ex skater haaarrr”

New Kubrick

February 25, 2007


I bought myself a new Kubrick yesterday. It is from the Special Forces Series 6 range. It’s cool, but I wanted the one with the skis. Ah well, you can’t win them all.

Giant Squid

February 22, 2007

giant squid

It seems that a giant squid has been caught by fisherman near New Zealand. Check out the BBC website entry for this to find out more! It’s amazing!

DC Recordings news

February 20, 2007

Finally, you can buy all of the DC Recordings back catalogue over at! This is great, as I sometimes find getting a hold of their stuff quite tricky. Get on over there and buy it all up. I recommend the Kelpe album and also all of the Emperor Machine stuff.

Other DC Recordings news is that Richard Sen from Padded Cell has contributed a mix to Beats In Space, its a weird disco mix and really enjoyable. Check out the tracklisting below.

Richard Sen (Padded Cell) guest mix:
1. Magical Ring – Fire Zone
2. Harald Grosskopt – Emphasis
3. Buzz Clifford – Hawg Frog
4. Caroline Crawford – Can’t Hold Me Back
5. The Professionals – The Godfather
6. Hugo Montenegro – Love Theme From The Godfather
7. Jeff Britton – Rub Out
8. Ju-Par Universal Orchestra – Funky Music
9. Kim Fowlet – Stranded In The Future
10. Goblin – Tenebrae
11. Ac-Fax – Eventide
12. Sly Mongoose – Hammerhead Fast
13. Dr. Perri Johnson – Psyched Up
14. Carlos Romanos – 121
15. ? – Phoreskinz Vol. 1
16. Cosmo Vitelli – Delayer (Quiet Village Mix)
17. Andrew Weatherall – Feathers
18. Z-Factor – (I Like To Do It) In Fast Cars

DC Recordings also present a monthly show on This month it is presented by someone called Klups, who is a producer from London. Its all weird rock records and stuff, but also a highly entertaining listen. Check out the tracklisting below.

1. NESTA – mr white (STARK REALITY)
2. DUDLEY PERKINS – wassup world? (STONE’s THROW)
3. THE ROBINS – riot in cell block #9 (ACE)
4. CHARLIE RICH – midnight blues (CHARLY)
5. BIG MAYBELLE – that’s pretty good lovin’ (SAVOY)
6. ‘BIG BOY’ GROVES – bucket o’ blood (STOMPIN’)
7. RONNIE LOVE – chills and fever (DOT)
8. DION – i was born to cry (LAURIE)
9. THE SHANGRI-LAS – remember (walking in the sand) (RPM)
10. BONGWATER – his old look (ROUGH TRADE)
12. THE KINKS – all day and all of the night (RHINO)
13. ROBERT ASHLEY – in sara mencken (ubuweb)
14. CHARLES AMIRKHANIAN – hypothetical moments (ubuweb)
16. ROLLING STONES – paint it black (VIRGIN)
18. THE POETS – funbuggy (JAZZMAN)
19. MUDDY WATERS – tom cat (CHESS)
20. POP LEVI – blue honey (COUNTER)
22. SUN RA – cosmic tones for mental therapy (SATURN)
23. BRIAN GYSIN – junk is no good baby (ubuweb)

To listen to this go to the DC Recordings page on

The Emperor Machine – Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise

February 10, 2007

Yes, parts 5 & 6 of this series will be released shortly on DC Recordings. Tracklisting is as follows:

Part 5:
Rimramramrim (Extended Version)

Monkey Overbite (Extended Version)
Who You? (Extended Version)

These should be out soon on lovely 12″ vinyl with fantastic sleeves by La Boca. You’ll be able to get these records from the usual shops, but I recommend Piccadilly Records.