A wise man once said

Skateboarding, every winter i lose my pop. Well, mainly because I stop skating for a while. Anyway, I was having a conversation with a friend about it today and here is his adivce. Unedited.

“bend down as far as you can and go fast and there shall be no worries said the skate doctor….what tends to happen is you come out after not having skated and you feel ropey or spindly…you dont know if you can still do it stop..start again…meditate for about 10 minutes before you leave the house (honestly)..visualise every reason you love skateboarding(this eliminates any feeling of moodiness or anxieties you may have hungover from the previous day which can be destructive to a good days skating if theyre allowed to play their part)…stretch your body for at least five minutes..get outside….walk for the first 5 minutes dont skate…step on the board…take a small push….then a couple more and first thing to do is slalom and turn gracefully and slowly for the first say five minutes ( especially better if you have a street with chewing gum and stuff on the ground which you have in abundance) get to a smoothish larger area as soon as poss. push a bit bigger and do couple big carves..try crouching especially as this enables the masterful feeling on yer board…become the amazing learned skateboarder you always have been and you know it.. then push fast with large pushes as far as you can stretch…no small pushes….then crouch right down and snap that stick up and itll come up like ron jeremy in every scene hes ever done….always remember to end any skate with some more slaloming…its like putting the grace to bed..this is my tecnique and ive used it since forevern and it never fails..pass it on..its the word of a master said the bigheaded at ex skater haaarrr”


2 Responses to “A wise man once said”

  1. pidgeon Says:

    wise words…what about that squid eh?

  2. camoscrawl Says:

    Yes! That squid is totally amazing! I want to see more photos of it.

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