The Black Dog – Book Of Dogma

Yes! Soma Records are rereleasing the Book Of Dogma by The Black Dog! I am totally excited about this release. The Black Dog is brilliant, you should check out the Bytes album as well! Anyway, here is the track listing for Book Of Dogma. It’s on 2 CDs.

1 Virtual
2 The Weight
3 Ambience With Teeth
4 The Age of Slack
5 Tactile
6 The Weight (Liposuction Mix)
7 Techno Playtime
8 Apt
9 Chiba
10 It Felt Like It
11 Seer & Sages
12 Dog Solitude
Disc 2
1 Parallel
2 Squelch
3 Erb
4 Glassolalia
5 Hub
6 Vanttool
7 Aural Wallpaper
8 Rainbow Bridge
9 Virtual Hmmm
10 VIR2L

I think this is out on the 19th of March!


One Response to “The Black Dog – Book Of Dogma”

  1. Nathan Barley Says:

    That’s totally trashbat honey tits

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