Kelpe (DC Recordings) Live

Recently, I had the oppurtunity to catch Kelpe live. It was excellent. It did remind me of seeing Four Tet, due to the Kelpe standing behind his laptop, but at least he had rhythm. Sorry Four Tet. It was an excellent show. He certainly looked like he was enjoying himself. I am not sure if he dropped any new tracks, but he did play a lovely version of Yippee Space Ghost and finished up with a seriously messed up version of Quick Broken Harp, which you probably heard on all the adverts for the Wireless festival last year. If you get the oppurtunity to see Kelpe live, then I recommend it.

You can buy his album over at Kelpe also has a Myspace account. Oh, check out the radio show he did for Samurai Fm. THe tracklisting is below.


midnight mushrumps – gryphon – transatlantic
hundred acre – mountains – apestaartje
snake cake station – porn sword tobacco – city centre offices
exuma – tape – hapna
observations took place – trapist – thrill jockey
hyped up plus tax – dabrye – ghostly international
the knack – the exposures – eastern developments
akimbo – dj hekla – planet mu
improved dreaming – greg davis – carpark
the traps – fridge – output
everything you do is a balloon -boards of canada – warp
cry – keyboard money mark – mo wax
home security – trans am – city slang / thrill jockey
the fly – psyclops – turk
birds of prey – architeq – unreleased
fear of woman – emperor machine – dc recordings
funky acid stuff – luke vibert – planet mu
windowlicker acid edit – aphex twin – warp
still feels like tears – broadcast – warp
run into flowers – m83 (jackson remix) (short extract) – groom
helios collaboration – propergol y colargol – diesel combustible
chinatown – do make say think – constellation
mullholland – stars of the lid – kranky


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