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Almost there. Stay on target.

June 27, 2007

Almost there, I am really excited!!! Been working on the Pleased To Meat You website for the last week, well, not all the time. Anyway, I am excited as it is almost finished. Should be finished soon enough. Then you will be able to order the t-shirts online.


June’s Top Tens

June 22, 2007

Finally got round to uploading June’s top tens! Check them out.

The 10 Greatest Sounds from Star Wars

June 22, 2007

Thanks to my brother for this interesting link.

Blade Runner – The Final Cut

June 21, 2007

Trailer for the Final Cut version of Blade Runner. I recommend reading the book, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick.

The Firefly Dusk

June 21, 2007

One of my favourite tracks by Voice Of The Seven Woods is The Firefly Dusk. Its very eastern and mystical sounding! Here is a clip of him performing that track at the Greenman Festival last year. Cracking.

Yokoland Exhibition @ Analogue

June 20, 2007

yokoland exhibition flyer

Yokoland is a young Norwegian design collective. Their brazen, homespun work is best appreciated as a multi-facetted and seemingly insatiable approach to cultural production, often weaving curious narratives or fantasy worlds into their exhibitions. Known for photography, painting, sculpture, and outdoor installations as well as designing t-shirts, theatre sets, books, album covers and websites, Yokoland’s cross- disciplinary practice also extends to the Metronomicon Audio music label. Critic Nick Currie has applauded Yokoland as “a breath of fresh art [whose works are often typified by] groovy organic shapes and colours, a sense of friendly approachability, an infectious appetite for scribbling, and plenty of fat cut-out letters, wading across quirky found photos.” In 2006 Die Gestalten published an extensive monograph about them, ‘Yokoland – As We Go Up We Go Down’.

Yokoland was started by Espen Friberg and Aslak Gurholt Rønsen sometime between High School and graduating from The National Academy of the Arts, Oslo (2004/2005). In the beginning there was no intention that Yokoland would be a design studio, it sort of happened along the way. Yokoland was just the place to experiment with various small projects. Today designer Thomas Tengesdal Nordby also works as part of Yokoland.

This exhibition is a mini version of ”Under the Bushes, Under the Stars” – an exhibition by Yokoland at Reg Vardy Gallery in Sunderland January 2007.

Analogue have commissioned Yokoland to produce a limited edition t-shirt to coincide with the show.

For more information about Yokoland check out: or

I’ve just ripped off the press release for this as I am too lazy to write up my own blurb. Go along if you can. I hope to make it to through to Edinburgh to see this exhibition. If you are free on Saturday, it would be worth going through to Analogue for the Nigel Peake book launch, which is happeing from 6 – 8pm.

Oh my word!

June 19, 2007

Just listening back to Stuary Maconie’s Freak Zone from Sunday night (17th June 2007) and he has played most of the Voice Of The Seven Woods album. Sounds amazing so far and I am not even half way through the number of tracks he played. Quite tip for you, it starts 2 hours into the show, which you can listen again to! The tracks he has played are:


Sand And Flames
Sayat Nova
The Fire In My Head
Silver Morning Branches
Second Transitions
Valley Of The Rocks
Underwater Journey
Return From Byzantium

Thanks to my friend Chris for emailing me the info on this one.

Lomohome Update

June 11, 2007



Just added a couple more folders onto my lomohome tonight. Check out “nature” and “a few days in december”.

Nature Boy and his photos

June 11, 2007

I’ve just been checking out my friend’s photos on Flickr. He emailed me today and said he had updated his page, so I thought I would check it out. I really like his polaroid shots. The one of the chippy is great! If you have some spare time you should check out his photos. I appear in some of them. Thanks for the tip off Nature Boy.


June 8, 2007

Just a quick update about the Pirate Utopias show at Elms Lesters in July. It’s FUTURA and JOSE PARLA. You can get a little insight into the exhibition over at this website. Thanks to Rey Parla for the heads up.