Blud, don’t make me get old skool!

Maths + English cover

Yes! Maths + English is out and it does not disappoint. I didn’t have high hopes for the tracks with Lily Allen and whatshischops out of the Midatlantic chimps and I don’t really care about those tracks. The rest of the album is wicked. It kicks off with World Outside and kinda explains why Dizzee is dropping loads of different styles on this record. He’s been out the hood and seen that there is more to life than blocks of flats and pirate radio. Now, at the moment my favourite track is Pussyole! Its proper New Rave. Klaxons take note. He tells you what to do if you become famous on Hardback (Industry).

Seriously, this is a wicked album. I’ll let him off with the dodgy drum’n’bass track on the album. But yeah man, Dizzee has definitely delivered something that is quite accessable for almost everyone. I wouldn’t play this to my mum and dad, but everyone else would suffer this. Go out and buy this. When is the vinyl out? I like the Ben Drury sleeve as well. But yeah, Dizzee is without doubt the best MC out of the UK since Roots Manuva.


3 Responses to “Blud, don’t make me get old skool!”

  1. zman Says:

    Lily Allen – worrying

  2. camoscrawl Says:

    Yes, it is. She doesn’t sound that bad on it, but it’s still pretty rank.

  3. rhinocerich Says:

    It’s fucking awful… but the album is immense.

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