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Death From Abroad

August 29, 2007

Looks like the DFA have launched a website for their new label, Death From Abroad. I am looking forward to the Mock & Toof record as well as the Bot’Ox one, but I am not sold on some of these releases. I can’t really think of anything else to say. I need to eat my breakfast.


August Top Tens

August 26, 2007

Yeah, I have been slack this month. I only wrote my top ten about 20 minutes ago. Anyway, head on over to the Top Ten page on the website to check them out.

Neal Beatnik on

August 20, 2007

He’s done a show for the DC Recordings show on It’s pretty far out. Lots of weird disco, electronic and soundtrack stuff. Man, the track about half way through that sounds like some crazy 80s synth thing is amazing! If you know what the track is, let me know!

Epicly Later’d

August 20, 2007

I recently discovered this interesting little programme on the Vice TV Channel website. They go about doing little interviews with skaters. I recommend checking out the Jason Dill one. Its pretty interesting. He seems to be quite an eccentric guy. Anyway, the show is called Epicly Later’d. At the moment, there is an intervierw with John Rattray. Check it out, I think they make too much of a big deal of him having a degree. Here is a link to the show.

Vangelis – Earth

August 19, 2007

Vangelis - Earth Sleeve

Ok, I am really into the Aphrodite’s Child album, 666. It’s pretty amazing. Start to finish it is a trip and a half. I always wondered what Vangelis’ first solo album sounded like, seeing as he recorded it shortly after 666. I recently got a hold of it and it kinda blew me away. It sounds so futuristic from the time it was recorded. Its pretty ethnic sounding and there is a track about a guy that knocks on his door when he is away, which is a pretty far out concept. Of course there is the classic song Let It Happen, which is mind blowingly amazing! It seriously is. I just love listening to this whole album in one go, which I guess you are probably meant to do. Seek this album out!

The Orichalc Phase becomes The Oscillations

August 15, 2007

The Orichalc Phase has become the The Oscillations and the album is out in October. I’m quite excited! The music is a mad blend of Death In Vegas and My Bloody Valentine with a hint of Kraut Rock! Anyway, below is a video for their single Violations.

Simple Minds – Empires and Dance

August 14, 2007

Simples Minds - Empires and Dance

I’ve been enjoying this album recently. This Fear Of Gods is an excellent track. There is some weird stuff on it. Simple Minds wrote some good music. Props to Wrongtom for the recommendation.

South – Keep Close

August 14, 2007

I remember when this came out back in the day. From Here On In is still a good album, maybe not as good as their 4 track stuff, but still enjoyable.

Giallos Flame – Live From Dunwich

August 14, 2007

New from DC Recordings. It sounds interesting. Check out their myspace page. I’ve just lifted the press release:

Listening to the music of Giallos Flame evokes images of lumbering zombies, black-gloved killers strangling beautiful women, violent cannibal rituals and fine Italian tailoring, and so it is in Dunwich, a remote and forgotten English village that is home to one Ron Graham.

A life-long acolyte of vintage Italian film scores by the likes of Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, Franco Micallizi and the De Angelis brothers, Graham sees his hometown as the scene where these cultural machinations can battle for supremacy, playing out his musical fantasies amongst the crumbling church buildings and decadent ruins.

Having already scored a number of films starring some of the legends of the horror genre including Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Dusk Till Dawn), Gunnar Hansen (the original Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre) & Tony Todd (Candyman), in the films “Death 4 Told”, “Murder Set Pieces”, “Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!”, and “Desolation”, his most recent work was scoring the trailer “Hobo With A Shotgun” which was picked by Tarantino and Rodriquez for their Grindhouse SXSW Trailer contest and has been aired with the movie across the USA and Canada.

Such prolific work looks set to propel this necromancer of the sonic arts out of the gloom and into the pallid limelight. Accordingly it is with great pride and a little trepidation that we present his DC Recordings debut “Live From Dunwich”

Futura and Jose Parla video

August 8, 2007

Courtesy of Blag.