my review of the VOTSW album

Voice Of The Seven Woods

I really like the Voice Of The Seven Woods album. Its short and sweet. Its intricate and yet simple. I could go through each track and analyze them, but I just enjoy listneing to this album. I really recommend it. It does sound like mystical Led Zep, but this is no bad thing at all. The drums on this album are awesome and the guitar work is amazing. Its definitely a journey record. It is out on Twisted Nerve and see where it takes you. It should be available in all good record shops from Monday. There should be a tour in September. Fiver says he plays in Glasgow when I am on holiday!

Norman Records said this about it:

Album of the week

Voice of The Seven Woods- Voice of The Seven Woods LP/CD (Twisted Nerve)

Well The Voice of The Seven Woods Self titled album is here finally and a right ole psychedelic toolbox it is. Hey don’t get me wrong. I love a bit of psych nonsense. It kicks off with a great opener called Sand And Flames…. very opium den sounding… hints of Jack Rose, Morocco all shrouded in the biggest cloud of hash smoke you’ve ever smelt. It carries on in a similar way until it hits Track 3 (The Fire In My Head) when it goes all 60’s biker music/ B Music/ Finders Keepers. It’s cool. I have to say it’s very very cool. It’s got a very mystical far out sounding vibe and it almost sounds like it’s from another era. Though I have to say later on it sounds like Led Zeppelin did when Jimmy Page discovered the mystical side of things which I wasn’t expecting. I can cope with that though cos I don’t mind a bit of Zep though I’m sure many of you out there can’t/ won’t shouldn’t. Track 5 (Second Transition) is so Led Zeppelin it’s incredible. The sleeve artwork is by The Liars… bonus. This is much more grandiose than I thought. It’s far removed from the early singles but it’s still great fun.- Phil (I get bits of spanish / gypsy guitar like a less crazy Sir Richard Bishop vibe- Ant x)

Piccadilly Records said this:

The first fruit of acidic folk merchant and Ash Ra Temple-dweller Voice Of The Seven Woods; a hybrid blend of progressive folk, baroque jazz-rock and Eastern psychedelia. Five eventful summers have passed since the young Rick Tomlinson stumbled in to Manchester’s vivid musical landscape as a vinyl hungry psyched-out sidekick to Andy Votel on his formative Twisted Nerve road show. The self-taught jack of all musical trades has since drawn influence from an oblique archive of obscure LPs and bizarre instruments and forged his own unique approach to making music.


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