Vangelis – Earth

Vangelis - Earth Sleeve

Ok, I am really into the Aphrodite’s Child album, 666. It’s pretty amazing. Start to finish it is a trip and a half. I always wondered what Vangelis’ first solo album sounded like, seeing as he recorded it shortly after 666. I recently got a hold of it and it kinda blew me away. It sounds so futuristic from the time it was recorded. Its pretty ethnic sounding and there is a track about a guy that knocks on his door when he is away, which is a pretty far out concept. Of course there is the classic song Let It Happen, which is mind blowingly amazing! It seriously is. I just love listening to this whole album in one go, which I guess you are probably meant to do. Seek this album out!


One Response to “Vangelis – Earth”

  1. zman Says:

    I’m sure he used to play for Charlton Athletic

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