Big Trouble In Little China

For years I have wanted to see this film and something always conspired against that happening, until tonight! I love John Carpenter movies and this one totally cracked me up. Its obviously a comedy, but it did make me laugh out loud quite alot! The music is great as always with John Carpenter. If you like comedy kung fu movies, then this is a great film to watch. I won’t give anything away. Enjoy the trailer and then seek out the movie.


4 Responses to “Big Trouble In Little China”

  1. Nature Boy Says:

    Kim Cattral is ultra hot in that movie, especially the green eyes. Prefer The Golden Child though for 80s comedy kung fu american style

  2. camoscrawl Says:

    How hard is it find the Golden Chil these days though?

  3. Nature Boy Says:

    it was on TV the other day funnily enough..bizarre…I watched Passenger 57 on Sunday night, it was on ITV3, always bet on black

  4. camoscrawl Says:

    that’s crazy! that The Golden Child was on TV. I love the Pepsi Can man.

    Passenger 57 is awesome!

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