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The Focus Group – We Are All Pan’s People

December 30, 2007

The Focus Group Sleeve

For years I have been meaning to get round to buying some music from the Ghost Box record label. I can remember Sumoboy mentioning them on a forum ages ago. Anyway, it was also thanks to Craig‘s recent mix that I finally remember to check out some of their stuff. I had a spare £10, so I headed over to Edinburgh to check out Analogue Books and bought We Are Pan’s People by The Focus Group! Its bloody awesome, I need to get more into it, but I really liked what I have listened to so far. The tracks are nice and short and it did remind me of some BBC Radiophonic Workshop stuff. I guess that is kind of the point. The sleeve is excellent as well. I really enjoy Julian House’s work.


Clone Records podcast

December 30, 2007

clone records logo

Why did noone tell me there is a Clone records podcast? If you like electro stuff then get over and subscribe to it! Its pretty good.

DJ Shadow

December 22, 2007

I still think High Noon by DJ Shadow is the best thing he has ever done. I really like Endtroducing and The Private Press, but it seems like everything he was trying to do came together in High Noon. The drums are wicked and completely out there, the guitar sounds tight and the synth lines in it are awesome! I think his best tracks are always ones that have 80s synths in them. I’ve not really got into his recent material, but I will always go back to listening to High Noon. It has also has a pretty good video as well.

Autechre – Quaristice Tracklisting

December 22, 2007

Here is the tracklisting for the new Autechre album, Quaristice.

1. Altibzz
2. The Plc
3. IO
4. Plyphon
5. Perlence
6. SonDEremawe
7. Simmm
8. Paralel Suns
9. Steels
10. Tankakern
11. Rale
12. Fol3
13. fwzE
14. 90101-51-1
15. bnc Castl
16. Theswere
17. WNSN
18. chenc9
19. Notwo
20. Outh9X

They are touring as well. Check out the dates below:

2008 Tour Dates

29 Manchester @ Music Box

01 Glasgow, UK – Arts School
02 Newcastle, UK – Digital
03 Birmingham, UK – Med Bar
04 London, UK – TBC
05 Koln – Stattgarten
06 Amsterdam, Holland – Melkweg
07 Antwerp – Petrol
08 Hamburg – Hafenklang
09 Berlin – Berghain
10 Poland, Katowice – Jazz Club
11 Hungry, Budapest – Merlin
12 Croatia, Zagreb – Kset
13 Austria, Graz – Post Garage
14 Italy – TBC
15 Italy, Rome – TBC
16 Italy – TBC
17 France, Lyon – Epicerie Moderne
18 Fr, Strasbourg – La Laiterie
19 Paris – Rex Club
20 Geneva – L’Usine, Electron Festival

The Glasgow gig is being put on by Numbers.

Bjork – Declare Independence video

December 22, 2007

Here is the new video for Bjork‘s latest single, Declare Independence. It’s by Michel Gondry and is his usual craziness! Its pretty good and the tune is one of my favourites from her Volta album. Buy the single when it comes out!

DC Recordings artwork for sale

December 18, 2007

You can buy some nice prints of DC Recordings artwork over at their website. I wish I had enough money to buy the first Emperor Machine album cover. Its gorgeous! Laboca does some great work!


December 18, 2007

After seeing the Jah Shaka Soundstem at the Portishead ATP I have been listening to a bit of reggae! Anyway, someone told me about this film from 1980 about two competing soundsystems. It looks good! It’s even got Mel Smith in it (a must for all British films from the 80s). You can buy it on dvd over at this Italian site. Its not too expensive either. The soundtrack sounds amazing!

Portishead Set List from ATP

December 11, 2007

Right, I’ve had time to compose my thoughts. Portishead were fantastic on the Saturday night at ATP. They clashed with Thurston Moore on the Friday night, so I chose to see them on the Satutrday night. Without a doubt, I think they were the highlight of my weekend. I’ve been into Portishead since about 1995 and this was going to be the second time I had seen them live. I was lucky enoguh to catch them at T in the Park 98. Anyway, the set list was as follows:

Glory Box
Wandering Star
Machine Gun
Sour Times
Only You



I’ve marked the new tracks in bold. I really can’t wait for the new album. I think Machine Gun is this one:

Which has some tough distored electronic drum beats. This one is Peaches:

Which reminds me of Oscillations by the Silver Apples. WHich is no bad thing as that song is truly an amazing piece of music. The new album definitely has a more electronic feel to it. I guess this was hinted at on the last album.

Here is Mystic being performed. The sound isn’t the best though.

Portishead ATP

December 10, 2007

I’m pretty knackered from the weekend, but here is a video someone took of Portishead playing on Friday night at ATP. It’s one of the new tunes! What a weekend. I’ll write more tomorrow!

Alien Workshop – Mindfield

December 5, 2007

This is the trailer for the new Alien Workshop video. They make excellent videos.