Portishead Set List from ATP

Right, I’ve had time to compose my thoughts. Portishead were fantastic on the Saturday night at ATP. They clashed with Thurston Moore on the Friday night, so I chose to see them on the Satutrday night. Without a doubt, I think they were the highlight of my weekend. I’ve been into Portishead since about 1995 and this was going to be the second time I had seen them live. I was lucky enoguh to catch them at T in the Park 98. Anyway, the set list was as follows:

Glory Box
Wandering Star
Machine Gun
Sour Times
Only You



I’ve marked the new tracks in bold. I really can’t wait for the new album. I think Machine Gun is this one:

Which has some tough distored electronic drum beats. This one is Peaches:

Which reminds me of Oscillations by the Silver Apples. WHich is no bad thing as that song is truly an amazing piece of music. The new album definitely has a more electronic feel to it. I guess this was hinted at on the last album.

Here is Mystic being performed. The sound isn’t the best though.


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