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The new Autechre album

January 29, 2008

Well, it seems as if the new Autechre album is available from Bleep, even though it is not due out until March the 3rd. Wicked! If you are quick you can preorder a Warpmart exclusive version of the album which is a 2cd set. It seems that the 2nd cd will have some exclusive versions of tracks. Oh yeah, the album will be out on vinyl as well. They will also be broadcasting a radio show on Saturday the 23rd of February at 8pm from their website.


Harmonic 313 EP1 is finally out

January 29, 2008

I got my record through the post yesterday, but I caved in and bought it on mp3 the day before! This is great! I really like this. It sounds amazing when you crank the volume up. The tracks are not named, you have to crack the code. I am not giving away the track names, but i might do in a month’s time or something. The website is really good as well!

Mind Field update

January 27, 2008

Seems like there have been quite a lot of updates going on at the Alien Workshop video website. I really like how they have done the interview with Chris Reed. Its pretty damn cool. Check out the snip tests as well!

The Emperor Machine – LIVE!!!

January 27, 2008

According to the recent DC Recordings newsletter the Emperor Machine may be appearing as a live act this year. That should be pretty good! Wonder if they will have cool visuals?

Four Tet playing on a Tenori

January 27, 2008

Four Tet playing on a Tenori. Subtitles! Nice.

Cylob – Alpine Acid

January 20, 2008

Cylob has produced some acid tracks and decided to give them away for free on his blog! Cracking, free acid tunes!!! Woohoo. They are pretty good as well. So head over and download them now.

Portishead tour

January 20, 2008

So, it looks like Portishead are touring in support of their as yet unnamed album. Dates for the UK so far are as follows:

Wednesday 9th April Manchester Apollo
Thursday 10th April London Hammersmith Apollo
Saturday 11th April Edinburgh Corn Exchange
Sunday 13th April Wolverhampton Civic

They are playing in Europe as well. For more information head over to the news section of their website.

We Are podcast

January 19, 2008

We Are Image

I recently discovered a fantastic podcast by the We Are people. It seems like they just a bunch of people to pull out some tunes, then they stick them all together for you to download. Expect some heavy hip hop beats and just all round goodness! People involved so far have beern Cherrystones, Lukid and a whole other bunch of cats! Its an ace podcast and I really recommend subscribing to it. Damn its making me want to buy some records now. Anyway, they have a website and a myspace page as well. Check it out.

Sam The Architeq

January 15, 2008

Its always nice to hear from people on here and someone called Sam left a wee message saying that they liked this blog, so thanks Sam I appreciate it. Anyway, it turns out that he makes some very nice music, which you can check out over on his myspace page. There is a website too, but it looks like it has not been finished yet. Anyway, it looks like Sam has an album coming out on Tirk which is great, as I think Tirk have released some excellent records in the past, such as Fujiya & Miyagi and Syclops!

Perverted Podcast!

January 14, 2008

Jonny Trunk has provided the next Fabric Podcast! I’ve not given it a full listen so far, but it did sound really interesting and weird! If you don’t know who Jonny Trunk is, then head over to the Trunk Records website and take a look. Its an amazing record label and one I wished I owned more of their stuff! Back to the point, the Fabric Podcast is pretty good and interesting! I enjoyed the Doc Scott one.

Anyway, its dead easy to subscribe to the Fabric Podcast, just go their website.