Harmonic 313 EP1 is finally out

I got my record through the post yesterday, but I caved in and bought it on mp3 the day before! This is great! I really like this. It sounds amazing when you crank the volume up. The tracks are not named, you have to crack the code. I am not giving away the track names, but i might do in a month’s time or something. The website is really good as well!


One Response to “Harmonic 313 EP1 is finally out”

  1. Jules Says:

    One of thems called Word Problems, the track after is called Neon and the flipside has one called Call to Arms. I’m not revealing which sides they correspond with. That way there’s still some code to crack.

    I nearly bought it yesterday in Rub a Dub amongst some other ish include some Echospace stuff, vintage Juan Atkins and some Omar S. There were loads of cockney fannies hanging out by the dubstep and were banging on about Benga’s – Night. Yeah whatever kiddos. Only the biggest tune the genres ever created. Some woman came in and asked if they sold Morrissey. I nearly pissed myself.

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