The Black Dog – Radio Scarecrow

Well, the new Black Dog album should be out shortly on Soma and you can have a listen to the whole thing over at their website. It sounds pretty damn good so far.

01 Transmission Start
02 Train By The Autobahn [Part 1]
03 Train By The Autobahn [Part 2]
04 Riphead v9 | 05 UV Sine
06 …Short Wave Lies
07 Siiiipher
08 Digital Poacher
09 Coda
10 Set To Receive
11 EVP Echoes
12 Floods v3.9
13 Beep
14 Witches Ov
15 Dials & Dialers 1
16 Ghost Vexations
17 Dials & Dialers 2


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