Recent acquisitions

Syclops 12″

The latest Syclops 12″ on DFA is stonking! Its amazing! Monkey Puss is an amazing acid house number! Its just so damn catchy. I really like it. Its got some ace synths on it and a good old acid squiggle. Where’s Jason’s K is a totally amazing number as well. Its all Italo Disco Chicago House. You can spot all the influences on the track. Both of these tracks make me dance like a loon. Go out and buy them. The vinyl got reissued!

Recent CD purchases

I’ve bought more CDs this year than I have records, which is terrible. I have bought some excellent CDs though. The Eric Zann album Ouroborindra is crazy. Its on Ghostbox records and so it is a library/BBC Radiophonic Workshop type release. To be honest, it scares me quite alot. I can’t really listen to it in the house by myself as I get freaked out. As usual with the Ghostbox releases the sleeves are amazing. The music is excellent as well, but it does scare me.

Next up is A Hawk And A Hacksaw. There guys were playing at the Portishead ATP, but they clashed with The Genius performing Liquid Swords, so I missed them. To make up for it, I bought their album Darkness At Noon. This album is really interesting. When I listen to it I feel as if I am being transported to Eastern Europe. Its really hard to describe really. I recommend checking them out if you can. They are supporting Portishead on their UK dates and they are also touring in May as well. I should be checking them out in May. I think my mum and dad might like them.

For ages I had been dying to listen to Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr. I was ordering something from Amazon and I had to buy something else to get the free postage, so I opted for buying Bug. This album is amazing! I could go on about it, but I am not going to bother. I am sure someone else out there has written up loads of stuff about it. I got the reissue of the album which has some tasty liner notes the CD case.

Finally I come to one of the best CDs I have bought in a while, Computer Incarnations For World Peace. It is all weird early electronic disco music! Truly inspiring stuff. It is pretty far out. Most of the tracks were made in the late 70s / early 80s. The only track i knew on the cd was Adventures In Success by Will Powers. Anyway, everything on this CD is amazing. I wish I had it on vinyl. One of the stand out tracks on the compilation is by a group called Talking Drum, who come from Glasgow. I mainly bought this CD because I liked the cover, but it is excellent. The tunes were compiled by Jazzanova, who released it on their Sonar Kollectiv label. There is a fantastic page about this compilation on their website, so check it out.


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