Portishead – Machine Gun

Welll, it seems like the new Portishead material is out there to buy! All this happened when I was on holiday. Anyway, check out the video for Machine Gun below.

Not 100% sure what I think at the moment, I need to listen to it more and I haven’t really had the chance to watch the video. Check out the lovely box set of the album though.

Portishead Box Set

It contains the following:

USB features the album, and 5 films

Double vinyl album

Etched 12” vinyl of ‘Machine Gun’

Limited edition print from Nick Uff

USB Tracklisting:

1. Silence
2. Hunter
3. Nylon Smile
4. The Rip
5. Plastic
6. We Carry On
7. Deep Water
8. Machine Gun
9. Small
10. Magic Doors
11. Threads

‘ The Truly Spectacular Universal Conference Film’ (film)
‘The Rip at Mr Wolfe’s’ (film)
‘Ade’s House’ (film)
‘Machine Gun’ (film)
‘We Carry On’ (film)


One Response to “Portishead – Machine Gun”

  1. hank Says:

    can’t wait to hear this album!

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