My review of the latest Kelpe album.

Kelpe - Ex-Aquarium

Well, I finally managed to get my hands on the Kelpe album the other week, so I thought I would write a wee review of it. It’s pretty good. I can see why people compare him to Boards Of Canada and Four Tet, but he is quite different from them. I quite like this album. It’s pretty mellow. There are some stand out tracks on it. I really like Whirlwound. Its got some nice chord changes in it that are wicked. Please correct me if I am wrong about the chord changes? I don’t really know any music theory. Shipwreck Glue is stonking as well! That ping pong sample is great! Gotta love a song with ping pong samples in it. The album is quite electronic but definitely has a nice organic theme to it. Seems like he got a drum kit out and then sampled himself. Anyway, if you like electronic music, then get this. I missed him when he made played live in Glasgow recently, which is a shame. If he is playing near you, then get down to see him if you can. Anyway, the album is available from and all good record shops. Oh yeah, I reckon this album would sound really good if you were cruising about the sea in a boat!


2 Responses to “My review of the latest Kelpe album.”

  1. sumoboy Says:

    Yeah, I really like this album, havent been cruising in a boat with it yet but I shall have that in mind if I get the chance. New Four Tet is very good too, a little bit Italo space disco sounding, kinda gets you into a trance but without being trance music. Nice!

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