Death Before Distemper 2

Death Before Distemper 2 cover

After the release of Death Before Distemper in 2006, DC Recordings are releasing another compilation in this series! Seems like there are alot of new acts to the label. This will be released on 2lp, CD and also digital download. It’s out on the 9th of June.


1. The Emperor Machine: Introduction (0:55)
2. Booze: Insanity Drive (4:28)
3. And The Lefthanded: Rocket Rock (4:29)
4. The Oscillation: Somatone (4:26)
5. Bot’ox: The Crash Theme (6:41)
6. Depth Charge: Castle of Doom (4:49)
7. Kelpe: Shipwreck Glue (5:57)
8. Muscleheads: Phosphorescence (8:32)
9. The 63 Crayons: Heal Us (4:54)
10. The Emperor Machine: Swiss Machine (2:25)
11. Padded Cell: Beautiful Gloom (Dennis Young version) (5:10)
12. Astral Manhole Project: Perfected Love (6:20)
13. The Oscillation: Head Hang Low (Kelpe version) (5:56)


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