Kelpe radio mix

Kelpe has done a wee mix for the DC Recordings audio player. Just right click on that linnk or apple+click on a mac! Big thanks to Kelpe.

Bernard Parmegiani – “En Phase/Hors Phase” (Ellipsis Arts)
Propergol Y Colargol/Tape – “PYC Tape” (Diesel Combustible)
Shuggie Otis – “XL-30” (CBS)
Caural – “Make Us Invisible” (Mush)
Ceephax – “Ceelink” (Lo Recordings)
Zombie Zombie – “Jay Rules” (Versatile)
Cacoy – “Mural of Music” (Clockwise Recordings)
Supermayer – “The Art of Letting Go” (Kompakt)
Caribou – “Bees” (Leaf)
Syclops – “Where’s Jason K ?” (Tirk)
Broadcast – “DDL” (Warp)
Fujiya and Miyagi “Ankle Injuries” (Tirk)
Fugazi “Arpeggiator Demo” (Dischord)
Cornelius – “Drop” (Matador)
Dabrye – “Truffle No Shuffle” (Ghostly International)
Kelpe – “Shipwreck Glue” (DC Recordings)
Debruit – “Offbeat Hearted” (Debruit)
Alexanders Dark Band – “Lord Calrec” (DC Recordings)
Dabrye – “Game Over” (Flying Lotus Remix) (Ghostly International)
Bullion – “Long Promised” (Unreleased)
Judee Sill “Emerald River Dance” (Asylum Records)
Moondog – “All is Lonelyness” (Columbia)
Porn Sword Tobacco – “En Hyllning Till Cykeln” (City Centre Offices)

You should read this little Q&A while you listen to the mix.


2 Responses to “Kelpe radio mix”

  1. Defmech Says: Right click. Save as.

  2. DMG Says:

    big brother to the rescue

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