Liquid Liquid Compilation

Liquid Liquid sleeve

Domino Records are set to release a compilation of Liquid Liquid songs. Mo’Wax and Grand Royal did this about ten years ago, which was a bit too early, probably. Anyway, this compilation differs as it contains some more live tracks as well as the original 3 eps. Check out the tracklisting:

1. Groupmegroup
2. New Walk
3. Lub Dupe
4. Bellhead
5. Rubbermiro
6. Spearbox
7. Lock Groove (In)
8. Lock Groove (Out)
9. Push
10. Eyes Sharp
10. Zero Leg
12. Where’s Al
13. Optimo
14. Cavern
15. Scraper
16. Out
17. Sank Into The Chair
18. Outer
19. Groupmegroup
20. Sank Into The Chair
21. Elephant Walk
22. Setmeonmyown
23. Not Again

The compilation is out on cd, 3lp and I am assuming digital download on the 19th of May.


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