The return of geek hop

I’ve really been getting back into geeky hip hop recently. There have been a few good artists coming out and some older artists coming with a fresh style. Glasgow has got two great producers at the moment. They are Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. Both have quite different styles. Rustie is on more of a dubstep tip, his tunes sound super futuristic. His debut ep Jagz The Smack, on Stuff Records, was a banger! It was a breathe of fresh air in the stale summer of Glasgow 2007. Hudson has been kicking about for years and its cool to hear his tech crunchy beats out there. The instrumental Heralds of Change ep he did with Mike Slott is pretty killer. Check it out if you can. You can find out more about both these producers over at the Lucky Me website.

Flying Lotus is another dope producer. He’s from LA. His first album 1983 is pretty good, though his Reset EP on Warp records was such a huge leap forward in his sound. I’ve seen him live a couple of times and he has been awesome. I am looking forward to his album LA which will be out at the beginning of summer. Another great act on Warp is Harmonic 313 which is Mark Pritchard from the Jedi Knights and Global Communication (I highly rate their album 76.14). I really liked his production for Beans on the track Bubonic. It’s all Detroit influenced bass heavy slow hip hop beats. Word Problems from the first Harmonic 313 ep is killer. A ridiculously heavy beat and a speak and spell! Dope, looking forward to hearing his album as well.

Finally, there is also Clause Four and Architeq. I am not sure how much Architeq is hip hop, but his tunes have a hip hop feel to them. His debut 12″ is out now and it is pretty damn good. You should check it out on Tirk records. Hopefully he’ll have more material soon. I would also be interested in seeing a live show from him. Clause Four is a bit of an oddity on the DC Recordings roster. His tunes are heavy weight 8 bit hip hop, which is not really like the rest of the cosmic roster. I’ve downloaded some of his mixes and they have always been highly enjoyable.

Watch out for these people. I am sure it will be a summer of hip hop geekery.


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