New DFA Mix by J&J

1. Ghost Note ‘Holy Jungle’
2. Fred Cherry ‘Busride To The Zoo’
3. B.E. ‘Party’
4. Wuthering Heights ‘Shake It Baby Love’ (40 Thieves edit)
5. DJ Cole Medina ‘Buffalo Bill’ (Cole’s O.G. mix)
6. Fern Kinney ‘Groove Me’ (Cosmo Vitelli edit)
7. Chicken Lips ‘White Dwarf’ (Freakslastdaysofdiscoredo)
8. Babytalk ‘Chance’ (Hercules & Love Affair remix)
9. Time Machine (Jacques Renault Edit)
10. Repopulous ‘My Piano’
11. Smith N Hack ‘To Our Disco Friends’ (Tribute)
12. Motor City Drum Ensemble ‘Raw Cuts 1’
13. Black Meteoric Star ­ ‘World Eater’
14. Plastique De Rêve ‘Lost in the City’
15. Extended Family ‘Ulysses’ (Harvey’s Crowd Control Mix)
16. Loose Joints ‘Tell You In Dub’

Mixed by Justin Miller and Jacque Renault over at the FACT website! HYPE!


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