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Akira Club

September 3, 2007

Akira Club cover

I spotted this book at the weekend. Its a bit hard to describe. Its got lots of the covers that weren’t in the English version of the Akira graphic novels and erm, it shows lots of promo items and stuff. If you like Akira, then I think you would like this. I still need to get the other parts of the graphic novel. Anyway, this book is out now and is priced about £25. Amazon have it for £17.50 and you can get free P&P on it. Check it out. It’ll be on my Christmas list, no doubt.


Robert A. Heinlein

July 2, 2007

Saturday (July the 7th), would be Robert A. Heinlein‘s 100th birthday. BBC 7 are marking this even by airing a version of The Green Hills of Earth and then on Monday they are going to broadcast an adaptation of Methuselah’s Children.