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The return of Gramme

May 24, 2008

Years ago i heard a track called Mine by a band called Gramme. I heard it on an old Drop The Beats compilation. It was superfast with a tight bassline and I was impressed that it was played by a band. Anyway, they released that track on a 7″ on Output Recordings. It was produced by The Underdog, which was Trevor Jackson‘s hip hop alias. They released a 12″ EP as well which had the fantastic Like You on it, which was used by Hot Chip on their DJ Kicks. Anyway, above is the video for Close Your Eyes.


The Return of Giallos Flame

May 7, 2008

House At The Edge Of Dark

Apologies on not posting properly for a while. I’ve got a huge backlog of posts to get through and now that I can type with two hands, I feel that I can get on with them. First up is The House At The Edge Of Dark by Giallos Flame. This album is cracking, I have really been enjoying it. If you are into scary horror movie music in the vein of Goblin, then I suggest hunting this album down and buying it. No idea where you can get it though as I bought it straight from the man himself. It was reported that he had given up music, but it is great to see that he is going to carry on. Please support him and buy everything he does! I know I am going to be checking him out from now on. He has a myspace page, so if you are on there then I recommend adding him as a friend.

The return of geek hop

April 30, 2008

I’ve really been getting back into geeky hip hop recently. There have been a few good artists coming out and some older artists coming with a fresh style. Glasgow has got two great producers at the moment. They are Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. Both have quite different styles. Rustie is on more of a dubstep tip, his tunes sound super futuristic. His debut ep Jagz The Smack, on Stuff Records, was a banger! It was a breathe of fresh air in the stale summer of Glasgow 2007. Hudson has been kicking about for years and its cool to hear his tech crunchy beats out there. The instrumental Heralds of Change ep he did with Mike Slott is pretty killer. Check it out if you can. You can find out more about both these producers over at the Lucky Me website.

Flying Lotus is another dope producer. He’s from LA. His first album 1983 is pretty good, though his Reset EP on Warp records was such a huge leap forward in his sound. I’ve seen him live a couple of times and he has been awesome. I am looking forward to his album LA which will be out at the beginning of summer. Another great act on Warp is Harmonic 313 which is Mark Pritchard from the Jedi Knights and Global Communication (I highly rate their album 76.14). I really liked his production for Beans on the track Bubonic. It’s all Detroit influenced bass heavy slow hip hop beats. Word Problems from the first Harmonic 313 ep is killer. A ridiculously heavy beat and a speak and spell! Dope, looking forward to hearing his album as well.

Finally, there is also Clause Four and Architeq. I am not sure how much Architeq is hip hop, but his tunes have a hip hop feel to them. His debut 12″ is out now and it is pretty damn good. You should check it out on Tirk records. Hopefully he’ll have more material soon. I would also be interested in seeing a live show from him. Clause Four is a bit of an oddity on the DC Recordings roster. His tunes are heavy weight 8 bit hip hop, which is not really like the rest of the cosmic roster. I’ve downloaded some of his mixes and they have always been highly enjoyable.

Watch out for these people. I am sure it will be a summer of hip hop geekery.

Richard Sen mix @ DC Recordings

April 10, 2008

Richard Sen from Padded Cell has done a nice little weird disco mix over at DC Recordings. Here is the tracklist.

VOLCANO – ‘Living In The Jungle’
THE DIAPHANOIDS – ‘What The Fuck Do You Want With Us, Earthlings?’
NIGHTMOVES – ‘Transdance’
DISKJOKKE ‘Flott Flyt’
REDSHAPE – ‘Unfinished Symmetry’
LOUD E – ‘Plaza Break’
ALI RENAUT – ‘Our World Is…’
SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES – ‘Supernatural Thing ‘

It’s on the audio player, or you can grab it here.

The Return of Bomb The Bass

April 3, 2008

Seems like Bomb The Bass are returning and have worked with Fujiya & Miyagi

MRR – ADM 10″ with Malcolm Catto

March 25, 2008

MRR - ADM 10″ cover

I don’t really know much about these guys, but this 10″ is amazing! Not only is it HEAVY on the drums, but it comes in a nice foil sleeve and is on red vinyl. There is no information on the sleeve, but I have managed to track down the following information about the record:


B (with Malcolm Catto)

Check out and their myspace page for more info. Seek out this 10″ it won’t be about for long.

Portishead – Machine Gun

March 21, 2008

Welll, it seems like the new Portishead material is out there to buy! All this happened when I was on holiday. Anyway, check out the video for Machine Gun below.

Not 100% sure what I think at the moment, I need to listen to it more and I haven’t really had the chance to watch the video. Check out the lovely box set of the album though.

Portishead Box Set

It contains the following:

USB features the album, and 5 films

Double vinyl album

Etched 12” vinyl of ‘Machine Gun’

Limited edition print from Nick Uff

USB Tracklisting:

1. Silence
2. Hunter
3. Nylon Smile
4. The Rip
5. Plastic
6. We Carry On
7. Deep Water
8. Machine Gun
9. Small
10. Magic Doors
11. Threads

‘ The Truly Spectacular Universal Conference Film’ (film)
‘The Rip at Mr Wolfe’s’ (film)
‘Ade’s House’ (film)
‘Machine Gun’ (film)
‘We Carry On’ (film)

Hairy On The Inside

March 5, 2008

Hairy On The Inside poster


Hairy On The Inside – An Exhibition of DC Recordings Sleeve art.

8th – 24th March @ ROUGH TRADE EAST Dray Walk, Off Brick Lane, London. 08:00 – 20:00 daily. free entry

Following on from two critically acclaimed shows in Paris (Colette) and Antwerp (Lucy), DC Recordings acclaimed La Boca sleeve art will shortly be the focus of a two week exhibition at Rough Trade’s Brick Lane shop from 8th – 24th March 2008.

Famed for their retrograde charm and compelling sensory weirdness, the DC Recordings sleeve designs have perfectly complimented the divergent audio material that they so lavishly conceal. Designed by London design circus La Boca, they have consistently been the focus of features and media expositions in their own right as well as objects of desire amongst the music buying public.

The exhibition consists of the first wave of enlarged high quality Giclee prints from the La Boca / DC Recordings repertoire.

60-62 Commercial St, Spitalfields, London. 9pm til Late. £5
KELPE LIVE (Ex-Aquarium Album Launch)
THE OSCILLATION LIVE (With Visuals By Julian Hand)

Apologies, I was too lazy to write up my own wee blurb about it, so I just stole the Myspace post I read. Anyway, I see this exhibition is on when I am down in London, so I should be going along to see this. I’ll try to remember to take some photos and post them up. If you are in London you should try and get down to the gig. Kelpe is pretty decent live. Not seen The Oscillation. Oh here is a wee video by Julian Hand for The Oscillation.

Not sure who did the remix, but it is pretty good.

Warp Records sign new act

February 25, 2008

Warp have signed a new act recently. Second one this year? Or was Hudson Mohawke last year? Anyway, Pivot are some guitar, drum and electronic action who have supported Battles on their recent Australian tour. Pivot will be over in Europe soon and an album will be out later this year. Check them out on their myspace page.

Giallos Flame – House At The Edge Of The Dark

February 14, 2008

It seems like Giallos Flame have been dropped from DC Recordings. Oh well, I was looking forward to the album coming out on vinyl, but he has gone and done things himself and you can buy it straight from the man through his Myspace page! Brilliant. Not heard it yet, but the track you can listen to on the page is pretty scary! Awesome. Hoping to get this asap. Its more of the horror soundtrack stuff. All synths and amazing drums!

Oh yeah, its only a tenner as well.