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KAWS takes over ID Magazine

June 20, 2008


I managed to get a copy of the KAWS limited edition cover of ID magazine. It wasn’t too hard to find and I am sure you will be able to pick one up quite easily. I got mine from Borders books. Not had a chance to read through the magazine, but I see he has altered some of the adverts which is no bad thing. The American Apparel advert on the back page is pretty rude. I guess sex sells.


Lodown issue 60

May 7, 2008

issue of lodown magazine

As usual with Lodown magazine as soon as I get an issue it appears that the latest one is out. Anyway, I picked up issue 60 today and it has some cracking articles in it. Not managed to read everything yet, but the article about La Boca is pretty good and so is the Kelpe interview. Its got all the usual stuff in it such as showing the latest trainers. Good to see a return of the Sal 23 Etnies. Classic skate shoes.

Recent Fact magazine

May 7, 2008

picture of fact 25 magazine

I love Fact magazine. Issue 25 is out now! Its got an interesting Top 20 of Brazilian Psychedelic music and the usual reviews and check outs. Seek it out! I’m probably a bit slow in picking this up, but hey, there is only one shop that stocks it where I live and I don’t go there that often.

Fact Magazine

January 9, 2008

I’ve always liked Fact Magazine. Its small and doesn’t fit on my shelves and I never really know where to store it, but its a quality read. I love the Top 20s they do. Everyone likes a good list. Anyway, I always find it quite difficult to find in the shops (its free), but when I see it, I grab and so should you!