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Shizzle from NYizzle

April 15, 2008

tee and cap from NYC

Props to Fuzzy for the tee and cap from NYC!


Nuff Bangarang Glasgow

April 14, 2008

Nuffbangarang has been and gone and was a bit of a success. Watch out for more happening later on in the year. Thanks for coming down if you did.

Invasion In The UK

March 25, 2008

Inavsion In The UK Cover

I recently received this book as a present from my brother. It’s pretty interesting. I really like Space Invader‘s work and this is a great little guide to his invasions of the UK. It tells you about the ones in London, Manchester and Newcastle. If you are interested in his work, then it is worth checking out. It has all the maps for the UK And photos of all the individual invaders, as well as showing some of his studio work and work he has done exhibitions in the UK. It’s available from his website.

Sam The Architeq

January 15, 2008

Its always nice to hear from people on here and someone called Sam left a wee message saying that they liked this blog, so thanks Sam I appreciate it. Anyway, it turns out that he makes some very nice music, which you can check out over on his myspace page. There is a website too, but it looks like it has not been finished yet. Anyway, it looks like Sam has an album coming out on Tirk which is great, as I think Tirk have released some excellent records in the past, such as Fujiya & Miyagi and Syclops!