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Beautiful Losers

June 20, 2008

This looks good. Sadly it has been pulled from the Edinburgh Film Festival. Hopefully it will get a release in the UK.


Girl in a field with a ball

June 9, 2008

I quite like this short video.

Vitamin C

June 3, 2008

I’ve been enjoying Can again recently. Vitamin C is an amazing song. There is a realy good remix by UNKLE which basically loops the break for 7 minutes. Awesome! Anyway, I thought I would stick in a you tube video of them playing live. Enjoy. When did they stop being The Can and become Can?

Paris Hilton

May 24, 2008

This will probably get me lots of hits, but here is the video for Paris Hilton by Mu. I must be on a Maurice Fulton tip again. His music is great. The Kathy Diamond album is wicked as well.

House Of Jealous Lovers

May 24, 2008

I bought this on 12″ when it came out donkeys ago. I’ve just been listening to it. It really is their finest record, though there are some cracking tunes on Echoes. It’s not that bad an album, though why did it only come on single vinyl and not double? I guess it doesn’t really matter any more. Where are they now? Who cares. Shynola did the video for this and as usual, it’s great! I also managed to finally listen to the Maurice Fulton remix of this, which is all a bit Syclops. Speaking of which, looks like the album is out on June the 9th! Hooray!

Padded Cell – Word Of Mouth

May 7, 2008

Julian House has directed the video for Padded Cell‘s single Word Of Mouth. It’s terrifying! The single is out on June the 16th on DC Recordings.

Errors – Toes

April 29, 2008

It’s great to hear some new music from Errors. This is the video for their new single Toes, which is out on vinyl and download on May the 12th on Rock Action Records. It’s a storming tune. It does remind me of Battles, which is no bad thing. Get this when it comes out!

Small, Medium Or Large?

April 17, 2008

My friend did this. It’s pretty good.

Rammelzee + Basquiat

April 15, 2008

Check it out! This is a cool wee video of Rammelzee MCing while a guy called Toxic C1 gets busy chopping up Billy Squire – Big Beat. It’s all been edited and altered by Basquiat! Rock on, to the break of dawn!

Portishead from their webcast

April 12, 2008

Last night Portishead did a live webcast. If you missed it, you can watch it all here.